General Nursing & EMI Nursing

General Nursing and EMI Nursing

Our approach to nursing care is based on the use of personalised care plans. Drawn up with the individuals we support and their families, our care plans will help ensure that each person we look after is treated with respect and that their independence and choices are at St. George's will be supervised at all times by a Qualified Nurse. You and your family are welcome to take part in the care planning and be involved in your care. The Nurse in charge will be happy to discuss any queries with you or your family.

If your GP is willing to visit you at the home you will be able to remain on their register, If not we can arrange for you to register with a local GP. The Nurse in charge is happy to arrange a visit from your doctor at your request, or if your family of this.

It may be necessary for you to attend the out patients clinic, the staff here will make all necessary arrangements for you, and are happy to escort you to any appointments.

The home has a visiting Optician and Chiropodist, the nurse will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. Occasionally other Health Care Workers may wish to visit you at the home for example the Dietician, Physiotherapist, or the Speech Therapist, the staff here will inform you of any such visits